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Product progress

1. Repurchase CAN

After fully listening to the opinions of the community, Channels canceled the DAO rewards on 1st Sep.The original dividends are used to automatically repurchase CAN in a contract, and will be fully disclosed to the community.

2.Huobi supports CAN token swap

Huobi has issued an announcement that it support the replacement of CAN’s new and old tokens.

3.Exchange of old and new tokens

Channels has opened the exchange of new and old CAN tokens. users can exchange it on the [Overview] page of the official website.users can also recharge the old CAN to Huobi Exchange and wait for the automatic exchange after 11 o’clock on September 2nd.The CAN pledged in DAO needs to be redeemed after withdrawal to the wallet

4.New CAN is added liquidity mining Channels added liquidity mining at 19:00 (SGT) 6th Sep. users can swap old CAN into new CAN in official website

5. New CAN rewards has been launched on HECO and BSC

Channels has opened deposit and mining on HECO at 12:00 (UTC+8) on 8th Sep. to earn new CAN rewards.Channels started deposit and mining on BSC at 14:00 (UTC+8) on 8th September to earn new CAN rewards

6.New $CAN will start trading on Huobi Exchange Huobi has completed CAN replacement .CAN deposits and withdrawals are opened at 15:30 (GMT+8) on 10th Sep. CAN trading (CAN/BTC, CAN/USDT) is opened At 17:30(GMT+8).

7.Channels, a decentralized lending protocol, has completed the token split and opened new currency transactions, and will be upgraded to the V2 version

8.The Cross-chain link is about to initiate.

The total amount of $CAN tokens remains unchanged at 1 billion; The #HECO and #BSC chains will soon be activated; When cross-chain stabilizes, excess tokens will be burned.

Operation Progress

  1. Amazing Mining Thursday on HECO

2. Channels has so many strength Double exclamation mark

Cooperation Progress

1. Channels lists on BscProjeckt

2. Channels lists on Math wallet

3.0ChannelsFinanceis listed on naboxwallet

4. ChannelsFinance reaches a strategic partnership with Acrypto

5. New $ETH Vault on @acryptosdaowith Launch APY BoostFire

6. ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x@acryptosdao Single token staking with #Channels Vaults APY 30+% Fire

7. ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x@FinanceChainge

We are excited to announce that #Channels has listed on #FinanceChainge

8. Channels. Finance is now on Dbank

9.ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x@OPS_SocialNFT

Party popperParty popperStake $CAN to get $OPS

10.FireNew Partnership Clapping hands signCongrats iSwap & @ChannelsFinance

Partnership. Now $CAN can be traded on now!

11.Very happy to make an announcement here that we have reached a strategic partnership with iNFT iNFT X Channels

12. Channels Happy to partner with ZeroHybrid

13.ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x SecondLiveReal Party popperhappy to cooperate with SecondLiveReal. We’ll provide more benefit to users~

14.ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x ZeroHybridOffic #channels is the first fully decentralized lending platform on heco. Happy to partner with ZeroHybridOffic

15.@ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x @SeeingCryptoArt Party popperParty popper#channels partner with @SeeingCryptoArt ChannelsFinance Will Have Future Channels NFT Sale on NFTARTS.

16.@ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x @LendMi_Official Partying facePartying facePartying face FIL deposit of LendMi is 30% annualized, and the actual annualized value is more than 40% excluding Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes

17.@ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x @coinwind_com Channel + CoinWind = x% for free

Borrow Tokens at Channel (-12%) + Mining on CoinWind (+14) = 2%

18.#Channels & #BullWallet Happy to announce our new partner #Channels’s #DApp and #tokens $can have been integrated on #BullWallet

19.@ChannelsFinance to gain more interests. #Channels will cross-chain to @arbitrum today 14:00(utc+0) Double exclamation markThe first release will support deposits and loans of #WETH , WBTC, USDC, #USDT , LINK and #UNI token.

Event Grogress

1·Sep 18

The activity comes to an end~ Congratulation! Plz DM Channels in 24 hrs

2.#Airdrop $2000 to celebrate

@ChannelsFinance cross-chain to @arbitrum

1.Follow,RT & @3friends

2.Join TG:



$1000/1 person

$300/2 people

$200/5 people

End in 48 hrs

3.#Airdrop 66666 $CAN token to celebrate


will begin top-mining on Sep 29th !

1.Follow,RT & @3friends

2.Join TG:

3.RT the tweet to relative #Arbitrum community


End in 24 hrs


1.#ChannelsFinance is maintaining the top TVL among lending protocols on Heco.

2.ChannelsFinance is the number 1 lending platform on #Heco and securing Top3 TVL on #Heco.

3.Channels will do cross-chain to Arbitrum. The details of the opinions and suggestions: In order to further develop and expand the size of the community, the @ChannelsFinance team would like to start cross-chain #vote

4.@ChannelsFinance will cross-chain to #Arbitrum at 14:00 on Sep 28th(UTC+0) ,

#Channels will open the top-mining on Sep 29th.Users stake tokens to mine $CAN.

5.The first #mining will launch at 13:00 UTC, September 29th, supporting the single mining of WETH, WBTC, #USDC, #USDT, #LINK and #UNI.

#DeFi #Crypto #Lending


1.@ChannelsFinance & @coinwind_com

AMA Recap

The full-page about #Channels

Thanks, #Coinwind invited to Coinwind community

Plz check the recap AMA

2.#AMA with @ChannelsFinance! The largest lending platform in HECO, now in BSC.

3.Party popperParty popper

@ChannelsFinance Heavy multiplication x @naboxwallet

#channels 0 security accidents, multi-chain innovative DeFi #lending protocol

#NaboxWallet your cross-chain digital id for defi,gamefi &so much more

Date: 11:00 (utc) 16th SEP 2021

4.TrumpetThere is an #AMA with @iNFToffical

Address : @ChannelsEN Time: 15:00 Sep 24 (UTC+8)

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Github: ChannelsFinance — Overview

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【Channels introduction】
【Channels on CMC】
【Channels smart contact】
Bsc Contracts : 0xdE9a73272BC2F28189CE3c243e36FaFDA2485212

Heco Contracts: 0xd5F9bdc2e6c8EE0484a6293ce7FA97d96a5e1012
【Channels mining guide】
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【Heco node setting】
【How to buy CAN】
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