1、In July, Channels has become the world’s №5 lending platform and Heco’s №1 lending platform, as well as the world’s largest LP mortgage lending platform. Channels’ lock-up volume ranks second among all HECO projects.

2、Channels is the lending platform with the fastest growth in TVL this month, and TVL has exceeded US$450 million.It has received extensive attention from overseas media.

3、The HECO node election is ongoing. Channels has now become one of the main nodes. It is currently ranked 11th, with a total of 584,000 $HT pledge votes, accounting for 6.25% of the votes. In July, the Channels node ranked the 7th, with the number of votes. It broke through 1 million $HT at one time.

4Channels node revenue share ratio is 100%. You can vote for Channels by staking HT. Voting URL: Click [Vote Now] on Channels official website to participate in voting.

5Channels platform currency CAN has repeatedly appeared on the Huobi global top gain list.

6Channels’ official Twitter followers exceeded 39K, and fans increased by more than 20,000 this month; the total number of fans in the English telegram group increased from less than 5,000 to 26,000, achieving a 6-fold increase. Medium followers more than 7200.

7Channels’ fund utilization rate continues to maintain the highest level of HECO lending platform.

Operation Progress:

1. Medium documents have been updated: including airdrop activities, the latest version of the project introduction (including route planning), June monthly report; document link:

2. The DAO dividends from the 18th to the 22nd period have all been paid out normally.

3. Under the proposal of the community, Channels launched the new currency ADA and XRP deposit lending and mining functions on July 29 after the proposal was voted on.The borrowing rates of these two tokens are currently negative.

4. Channels has reached a strategic cooperation with TUSD and has launched TUSD deposit and loan mining. Currently, the revenue of TUSD on Channels is the highest in the entire network.

5. Channels has launched the Russian version to expand the Russian market

Business cooperation:

1、Channels and NerveNetwork have deployed cross-chain bridges to BSC, OEC, and NULS for $CAN. The Channels cross-chain plan is progressing steadily. Related links:

2、Bird FInance opened two new LP pledge pools of $CAN at 20:00 on July 15th (UTC+8): CAN-HUSD-LP, CAN-HT-LP, pledged LP-CAN-HUSD and CAN-HT namely BRID can be obtained; in addition, the Bird platform also supports $CAN single currency pledge to mine $BIRD.

3、On 10th July,Channels has signed up for the Huobi Hackathon. Details:

4、On 15th July, CAN be listed on WOWswap,WOWswap supports 3 times leverage trading

5、Channels and Evolution Planet have reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will cooperate in brand promotion, community building, and product Lego combination to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Heco ecosystem. Since July 20th, Evolution Planet has supported Channels to build communities and auction land, etc. Channels users can get free mining, treasure box blind box and other benefits.

6、On 24th July Channels reached cooperation with Debank and was included in DeFi data website DeBank.

7、Channels and COCOswap have reached strategic cooperation. The two parties will cooperate in brand promotion, community building, and product Lego combination to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Heco ecosystem. Currently, COCOswap has supported the exchange business of $CAN.


1. O3 started voting for rock sugar mining at the end of June. Channels launched a cooperative event “Vote for CAN to win $30” now successfully. The airdrop rewards have been issued. Details: /1410384633804451840?s=20

2. The Twitter campaign “Win ELLIPAL BUNDLE” co-operated by Channels and Ellipal Wallet has ended, and the rewards have been distributed. Details:

3. Channels and Bird Finance have carried out further cooperation in community building. Users who hold $CAN and follow Twitter can get the $HBird airdrop. The event has been successfully concluded. Details: status/1413336130934644741?s=20

4. This month, Channels organized 3 Twitter events of “Enter the Community to Win Airdrops”, with prizes of $1200, $1500, and $2590. The first two airdrop awards have been issued, and the third phase of the event is counting the winners list; Channels will continue to follow in the future The construction of overseas communities will devote more energy to overseas markets and strive to build excellent high-quality overseas communities.

Community Events:

1、BirdFinance will be a guest on Channels for AMA at 20:00 on July 8th (GMT+8). During the AMA process, both parties will have in-depth communication on NFT and lending. Bird Finance will create an exclusive NFT for Channels.

2、Channels will be a guest at WOWswap on July 22nd at 18:00 (UTC+9) for an AMA to introduce to WOWswap overseas users Channels as HECO’s first decentralized lending platform. Channels takes the security of user assets as the first consideration The standard has won the continuous attention of WOWswap overseas users.

3. With the continuous deployment of overseas markets and the shift of operational focus. In order to ensure that user questions can be answered in a timely manner, the Channels team has gradually migrated WeChat community users to the Telegram group, and the user conversion work continues to advance. Welcome to join the Channels official community: Chinese Telegram Group:

English Telegram Group:



The best way to get involved with Channels is to join in!




Github: ChannelsFinance — Overview

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