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Channels is your DeFi Butler Bank — Heco’s cross-chain lending, SmartVault, focusing on H series asset lending

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Channels-LP-Mining Guide

1、Staking-LP mining

desktop version:

Website: https://ht.mdex.com/#/pool

Please choose the provide liquidity for CAN/HT

Technological Progress

1. On 8th May 2021 at 21:00(UTC+8), LINK AND YFI has been interrupted landing service, because of the volume of the low asset. Please withdraw your assets as soon as possible.

2. On 8th May 2021 the event of triple accelerated mining MDX and HFIL started, MDX deposit APY is as high as 60%, HFIL deposit APY is as high as 10%, and HFIL borrowing APY is as low as -10%.

3. On 14th May 2021the DAI and USDC lending service launched, the mortgage rates of DAI and USDC are both 0.85. …

A hypothecated loan and deposit platform on HUOBI Ecology (Heco) chain.

What is “Channels”?

Channels is the first decentralized lending protocol on Heco. Breaking the chain ERC-20 Token, steady token and mainstream produce documents due to the head trading, support the asset to flouting mining project to get profit more widely. CAN is the token of Channels platform; the whole circulation is 10,000,000 tokens.

Channels land on Heco on Jan 14th 2021. The whole pledge amount exceeds 12 million dollars in 24 hours. On Jan 23th 2021, the highest pledge amount was over 59 million dollars.

Part one: Mining Tutorial:


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