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Product Progress

  1. Channels supported LP mortgage lending on Arbitrum

Channels supported LP mortgage lending on Arbitrum on November 4th. The supported LP pairs include WETH/USDC and WBTC/WETH on Sushiswap. LP can be used as collateral. Staking LP will allow you to borrow single tokens on Channels, hence maximize your rewards.

2. Security Upgrade: Time-lock Adoption

Security is a continuous awareness, Channels is proud to announce that the timelock on Arbitrum is complete! All contracts on Arbitrum have been fully time-locked.

Time-lock contract address:0xf3E5cc73977223Cb093EBaEE30a037ed92Cca626

3. Channels’ V2 passed the Certik Audit

Certik Audit is the leading blockchain security giant.

This audit indicates our desire to ensure your assets in Channels are SAFU.

The development of V2 will be launched soon.

Audit link:


  1. APY Magnifier Event

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Huobi, Channels is excited to launch APY Magnifier Event!

The deposit rewards of mainstream tokens will increase by 2–3 times.

Duration: 4th NOV, 2021- 10th Nov, 2021

2. BNB Accelerated Mining Event

In order to cooperate with Binance’s new launchpad, Channels accelerated mining for $BNB.During the event, we reduced the borrowing cost and increased the deposit rewards of $BNB.

Duration: November 6th 10:00 — November 16th 00:00 UTC

3. Arbitrum Accelerated Mining Week

Channels implemented a week of accelerated mining on Arbitrum. During the event, the mining APY of single token and LP will increase by 1~2 times. User can also borrow tokens by mortgaging LP, while LP supports compound yield.

Duration: November 6th 20:00 — November 13th 20:00

4.BNB Accelerated Mining Event

In order to cooperate with Binance’s 24th new token mining, Channels increased the mining rate of $BNB. During the event, we reduced the borrowing cost and increased the deposit rewards of $BNB. Users are able to borrow more $BNB at a lower cost to participate in Binance’s 24th new token mining.

Duration: November 10th 21:00 — November 17th 21:00

5. New Liquidity Mining on Arbitrum

Channels enabled Can — USDC Liquidity mining on Arbitrum in November 15th, Users can stake Can-USDC on SushiSwap to earn $Can! The accelerated mining event will continue, including sigle tokens and LP tokens.

Cooperation Progress

1.Channels x Autoshark

Channels reached the cooperation with Autoshark. AutoShark is the AMM and Yield Optimizer on BSC.

With this strategic partnership, Channels launched new staking pool with Autoshark. From Novmenber 12th to December 12th, users can stake $CAN to earn $FIN rewards.

2. Channels x Dinosaur Eggs

Let’s give our warm welcome to our new partner Dinosaur Eggs, the Metaverse protocol on Binance. Our partnership will be mutually beneficial in trading, staking and earning.

To strengthen our partnership, Channels has launched new staking pool with Dinosaur Eggs. From November 18th to December 18th, users can stake $CAN to earn $DSG rewards!

3. Channels x Kalata

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Kalata, the derivatives trading platform based on BSC. We will mutually expand our products and services to both our communities!

Channels created a staking pool with our partner Kalata, from November 23rd, you can stake $CAN to earn $KALA.

4. Channels x CELESTIAL

It is a great honor to reveal this exciting cooperation with Celestial. Celestial is a metaverse cross-chain game with an interstellar war theme that combines GameFi and SocialFi.

5. Channels x Iswap

Channels has partnered up with Iswap. Don’t miss out! Swap $CAN worth over $1000 on iSwapCom, you will receive 0.5HT/address, a total 300HT.

6. Channels x Treasureland

Welcome our new partner TreasurelandNFT, a cross-chain NFT platform for NFTs trading and NFTcollection. This is another milestone of Channels, together with TreasurelandNFT, we will build a connection into the NFT world.

7. Channels x Kingdata

We are honored to be on KingData, the on-chain mining, futures, derivatives indicators. This partnership is a coming together of two energetic team and demonstrate Channels’ commitment to grow.

8. Channels x Chair Finance

Channels has formed a strategic partnership with Chair Finance. Chair Finance is the first IGO platform to start GameFi NFT store! With the sets of goals in commonm, Channels and Chair will dedicate to working towards the NFT market!

9. Channels x DNFT Protocol

Channels is proud to announce the partnership with DNFTProtocol. DNFT is a decentralized cross-chain NFT network towards web3!


  1. TOP Lending Projects by 24H TVL Growth

We continue to grow as the Channels Army is strong!

2.Channels increased our TVL by more $60 million in 24 hours

Channels maintains the lead in the DeFi race with more than $60 million TVL growth in 24 hours on Heco BSC Arbitrum!

3.Channels’ TVL continues to grow on Arbitrum!

4.Channels is the TOP project by TVL on Heco

5. Yieldwatch integrating channels apparatus!

6. Another $100million added to TVL in the past 12 hours.

7. ChannelsFinance’s TVL is demonstrating rapid growth with a net increase of $224M.

8. Top TVL Gainers in BSC!


1. Channels Finance & Turtle Finance

2. Turtle Finance & Channels Finance

3. Channels Finance & Dinosaur Eggs

4. Channels Finance & KingData

5.Channels Finance & Kalata

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