Channels -Monthly Report — June 2021 Briefing

4 min readJul 2, 2021

Technological Progress:

1. On June 9th, the LP dual mining of ETH-HBTC was started, and the pledged LP can obtain MDX and CAN rewards at the same time. ETH-HBTC is the first LP on Channels, this LP not only can mine CAN but also MDX, and will support more LP dual mining in the future.

2. The official documents have been updated: including Q&A, liquidation, LP mining tutorials, DAO tutorials, etc., document links:

3. The Russian version will be supported on June 28, and the language can be switched in the lower right corner of the website. Channels will deploy the Russian market and continue to expand more overseas regional markets

4. Participate in the node election on the official website to vote on the Channels voting page. Vote for Channels,the voting link:

5. Official website [Price-FAQ] update

6. The 14, 15, 16 and 17 DAO dividends have all been paid normally

Community Events:

1. To thank all users for their support, Channels presented gifts on the Dragon Boat Festival

2. The Twitter activity, users share 500 US dollars by participating, the activity link:

3. Participate in Twitter activities to win ELLIPAL hardware wallet, activity link:

4. The summer benefits-Channels T-shirts have all been sent to the users.

5. The second round of voting for the HECO node election has begun. Channels is officially launched this round to participate in the election. The Channels node revenue share ratio is 100%. You can vote for Channels by staking HT

6. Channels platform currency CAN has repeatedly appeared on Huobi Globals top gainers

7. Channels official Twitter followers exceeded 17K

8. Channels’ fund utilization rate continues to maintain the highest level of HECO lending platform

Business cooperation:

1. The GrowthPad growth event initiated by Channels and KingData was successfully launched at 19:00 on June 8th and achieved extraordinary results

2. Channels ( and BirdFinance ( reached a strategic cooperation on June 22, will cooperate in brand promotion, community building, and product Lego combination to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Heco ecosystem.

3. Channels was included by DefiLlama, a leading overseas DeFi data website, on June 24, and Channels’ overseas market is fully deployed

4. Channels has become the largest investment platform for projects such as Depth and Belt on HECO

5. O3 launched an icing sugar mining activity at 12:00 on June 29th. Users can pledge CAN earn O3 for about 5 days.

Media Activities:

1. Channels was a guest on the HECO official telegram group AMA at 17:00 on June 4th. Channels CMO — Keran introduced Channels’ advantages in the AMA. Since its launch, it has been operating smoothly and does not have any security issues. It is the most trustful and safe lending platform for users on HECO. Keran also revealed the short-term plans of the project and its attention to overseas community users.

2. Channels will be a guest on Hyperpay at 20:00 on June 16 for an AMA to introduce to Hyperpay overseas users the development path of Channels as HECO’s first decentralized lending platform. Channels regards the security of user assets as the first consideration standard and obtains The continued attention of Hyperpay overseas users.

3. Channels will be a guest at BirdFinance at 20:00 on June 29 for an AMA. During the AMA process, both parties will have in-depth communication on NFT and lending. Bird Finance will create an exclusive NFT for Channels.

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