Channels -Monthly Report — MAY 2021 Briefing

4 min readJun 5, 2021

Technological Progress

1. On 8th May 2021 at 21:00(UTC+8), LINK AND YFI has been interrupted landing service, because of the volume of the low asset. Please withdraw your assets as soon as possible.

2. On 8th May 2021 the event of triple accelerated mining MDX and HFIL started, MDX deposit APY is as high as 60%, HFIL deposit APY is as high as 10%, and HFIL borrowing APY is as low as -10%.

3. On 14th May 2021the DAI and USDC lending service launched, the mortgage rates of DAI and USDC are both 0.85. Channels have become the largest lending platform for listing the two stablecoins, DAI and USDC, on Heco.

4. Less than 24 hours after launching DAI and USDC (as of 19:00 on May 15th), the total amount of deposits and borrowings of DAI and USDC on Channels exceeded 13 million US dollars, and the deposit income was as high as 40%.

5. On May 15th at 21:00(UTC+8), Channels has launched 6 new LPs (Mdex). It has become the largest LP mortgage lending platform on HECO. After users add the corresponding LP on MDX (12 LPs are currently supported), users can deposit the corresponding LP on Channels and open the mortgage to borrow any single currency asset. The mortgage rate as follows:

· MDX-BTC(0.7),

· MDX-ETH(0.65),

· MDX-WHT(0.65),

· WHT-ETH(0.8),

· WHT-HBTC(0.8),

· MDX-USDT(0.7)

6. On May 19 at 21:00(UTC+8), in order to protect the security of user assets the mortgage rate adjustments of some single currencies and LP. The mortgage rates of some single currencies and LPs will be adjusted gradually as follows:

· HPT: 0.4->0.2

· MDX: 0.5->0.2

· MDX-WHT: 0.65->0.5

· MDX-ETH: 0.65->0.5

· MDX-USDT: 0.7->0.5

· MDX-BTC: 0.7->0.5

7. On 19th May 2021 at 21:00(UTC+8) ,after voting by the community DAO,the HPT mortgage rate has been adjusted from 0.4 to 0.1.

8. In May, the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th DAO dividends have been issued.

9. After communication with the community, the daily mining output: 3280CAN daily output for loan mining, 200CAN daily output for liquidity mining, and 200CAN daily output from DAO pool.

Community Events

1. From 1st to 7th May, started the “May 1st Miner’s Day” to accelerate mining activities, and increase the mining rate of HT ETH HBTC by up to 2 times.

2. On 14th to 19th May, in order to support the Huobi Prime listing activity, Channels launched a limited-time preferential policy for borrowing HT. The cost of borrowing HT will be maintained at the lowest level among HECO lending platforms.

3. Users with HT holdings of more than US$10,000 have received CAN airdrops, and holding more HT will receive more airdrops, and the number of airdrops will increase in a stepwise manner.

4. On 14th May 2021, started USDC and DAI deposits to accelerate mining activities, and enjoy up to 3 times accelerated mining. From 22:00 on May 25th to 22:00 on May 28th, HT deposits will get 2~3 times the original mining reward. HT current deposit income is as high as 7.5%, which is the highest income of HT single currency deposit on HECO.

5. Channels will start SHIB pledge mining in the “Pledge” area at 19:30 on May 12th. You can get CAN by pledge SHIB (the event lasts for 3 days).

6. Channels teamed up with DeFiBox to launch a million airdrop campaign.

7. On 21th 2021, open single currency pledge BELT in the “Pledge” area to get CAN

Business cooperation

1. Channels has a depth strategic cooperation with

On May 6th the first farm pool of has supported can/mdx mining; the two parties have cooperated in community building and brand promotion.

2. Channels has a depth strategic cooperation with

On 11th May,2021 at 18:00 ( UTC+8), Channels supports GOF single currency mining. You can get CAN by staking GOF in the “Pledge” area.

3. Channels has a depth strategic cooperation Booster

Booster has launched the new channel deposit pools of HBTC, ETH, WHT, USDT, HUSD, MDX, HFIL, and the corresponding Channels pools have the highest returns, with a maximum APY of 240%;

4. Channels has a depth strategic cooperation

Channels and will cooperate in brand promotion, community building, and product Lego combination to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Heco ecosystem

5. Kingdata conducted a comprehensive data analysis on Channels

KingData authoritative data: Channels may have 26 times more room for growth!

Community Activities

1. On 11th May 2021 at 16:00 (UTC) Channels will be broadcast live simultaneously on Bingoo Community & Group TV, The theme: The battle for the leader of the loan tracking, see how Channels breaks through

2. On 18th May 2021 at 20:30 (UTC) Channels will broadcast live on the overseas community CryptoFamily Group.

3. On 27th May 2021 at 20:00 (UTC) Channels, Flux, KLend and Bird Finance will hold the world’s first lending roundtable meeting.

4. Venus incident analysis and Channels security upgrade plan

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