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Product progress

1.Channels ipfs version has been launched

To further optimize Channels as a community project, Channels released the ipfs version. ipfs is a network transmission protocol designed to create persistent and distributed storage and sharing files. The nodes in the IPFS network will form a distributed file system, and the data will run independently in the network transmission protocol and will no longer be under the jurisdiction of any country.

Arbitrum domain name:

BSC domain name :

HECO domain name:

2.The CAN token burn has been completed

Channels has burned 500 million CANs on BSC and HECO respectively, as well as the extra CANs on Arbitrum, leaving a total number of 1 billion unchanged .

Hash transaction:



3.CAN launched $C98 Staking Event

Start time: 19:00 (UTC+8)October 26, 2021

Stake $C98 on the Channels official website [STAKE] page to get $CAN rewards.

Event time: October 26, 2021-October 31 2021

4.Channels added liquidity on Arbitrum

Channels started CAN/USDT liquidity mining at sushiswap on Arbitrum.

Channels is a multi-chain deployment of DeFi lending platform. As a new generation of DeFi2.0 lending protocol, Channels has been operating smoothly and safely for 10 months with zero accidents since its launch. It is also the world’s largest LP mortgage lending platform. Channels supports LP as collateral, to lend mainstream single currency, and to provide lending services for more users.

5.$COW Staking Event has been launched

Start time: 21:00 (UTC+8)October 29, 2021

Stake $COW on the Channels official website [STAKE] page to get $CAN rewards.

Event time: Oct 29 — Nov 3

6.Channels added liquidity on PancakeSwap

Channels started CAN/BUSD liquidity mining on PancakeSwap on October 29, 19:00 HKT.

LP mining on PancakeSwap is first step of Channels’s V2 upgrading strategy. As a new generation of DeFi2.0 lending agreement, Channels V2 will bring users a new high-quality experience and optimize the token economic model to create more value for users.

Add CAN/BUSD LP to PancakeSwap and pledge on the [Pledge] page of Channels to get CAN rewards.

7.Channels increased liquidity mining rewards

Rewards for CAN/BNB trading pairs on Pancake increased from 20,000 to 80,000 CAN per day.

Started: 16: 00 HKT, October 20, 2021

8.Channels launched $SFP Staking Event

In order to respond to the user demands, Channels launched a single token mining event for popular tokens on BSC. Channels supports $SFP single token mining event at 19:00 (UTC+8)October 19, 2021.

Stake $SFP on the Channels official website [STAKE] page to get $CAN rewards.

Event time: October 19, 2021-October 24, 2021

Cooperation Progress

  1. ChannelsFinance ✖️ APY_TOP

Channels has reached a strategic cooperation with APY.TOP.

Now you can search for #Channels in APY.TOP to check the income.

2. ChannelsFinance ✖️ PolyNetwork

The CAN cross-chain solution is upgraded.

Channels has reached a strategic cooperation with PolyNetwork.

From 14:00 UTC (+8) October 16th, the CAN cross-chain 1:1 exchange between BSC and HECO will be online.

Exchange URL:

3. ChannelsFinance ✖️ CCTIP Wallet

The CCTIP wallet has supported the display of CAN assets.

Users can trade CAN directly within the wallet UI.

4. ChannelsFinance ✖️ TurtleFinance

ChannelsFinance partnered with TurtleFinance to bring our platform to more people in the cryptocurrency space.

5. ChannelsFinance ✖️ DeBank

Channels portfolio is now tracked on!(@arbitrum version)

6. ChannelsFinance ✖️Arbitrum_daily

TVL on Arbitrum is growing! 🎉

Source : #DefiLlama

7. $CAN cross-chain exchange

CAN is cross-chain exchangeable between BSC, HECO, and Arbitrum at a ratio of 1:1.

From October 20, 16:00 HKT, the cross-chain exchange can be realized through PolyNetwork.

Exchange URL:


1.ChannelsFinance performs well in $CAN token price on HECO and BSC.

2.ChannelsFinance TVL grow more than 20% in the last 7 days on BSC.

3.ChannelsFinance TVL grow 17.79% in Arbitrum Ecosytem in the last 7 days on Arbitrum.

4.ChannelsFinance is the number 1 lending platform on #Heco and securing Top3 TVL on #Heco.


1.PolyNetwork invited CMO of ChannelsFinance for AMA on ⏰Oct 20 at 6:00 PM (UTC+8).

2.ChannelsFinance AMA with Evolution Land on ⏰Oct 26 at 4:00 PM HKT.

Evolution_Land invited CMO of ChannelsFinance to have joint AMA in Evolution Land. The best five questions selected shared 100u $CAN rewards.

Past monthly reports:







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Github: ChannelsFinance — Overview

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【Channels introduction】
【Channels on CMC】
【Channels smart contact】
Bsc Contracts : 0xdE9a73272BC2F28189CE3c243e36FaFDA2485212

Heco Contracts: 0xd5F9bdc2e6c8EE0484a6293ce7FA97d96a5e1012
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【Heco node setting】
【How to buy CAN】
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