Monthly Report- Jan 2022

2 min readFeb 5, 2022


Being the first month of the New Year, January has lots to expect on. As a fresh start with many cool things riding on, here is a brief recap of Channels’ January.

Channels in January

  1. Channels V2 is live! Channels V2 is certik audited, with leveraged lending feature. TVL reached $1.5 million in one hour.
  2. $CAN is the top gainer on Huobi Exchange in Jan. 12.
  3. First anniversary of Channels: one year of successful operation with 0 incidents; peak deposits exceeded $1.4 bilion; loan peak nearly $400 million.
  4. Celebrating Channels’ 1st anniversary with boosted yield APR and reduced borrowing interest on Heco.
  5. Channels and Heco’s 1st anniversary campaign: AMA in offcial Heco Telegram community.
  6. Channels is featuring on the HecoInfo homepage.
  7. Highest USDT deposit interest rate among all Heco lending projects.
  8. Top 2 TVL gainer on Heco in the week of 1.15–1.21.
  9. Joined Heco’s Golden mining day.
  10. Participating in 2021 KingData “The BlueWhale” Award competition, Channels anominated in infrastructure newcomer category.
  11. Featured on Evolution land’s annual ecosystem summary.
  12. Joint airdrops celebrating Channels V2 with Nabox, OneCash and AcryptoS.
  13. New Partnerships: EVODeFi, Onecash, DMEX, Privapp Network, Weave and Parking Infinity.
  14. New Integration: the leading Defi monitoring wallet WalletNow integrated Channels and give one-month free gold membership to Channels’ user.
  15. AMAs: Chainlink Russian Community, WalletNow, Weave, Parking Infinity
  16. Distributed all celebrating Channel’s V2 airdrop rewards.
  17. Applied Binance MVB IV.

To be continued in Febuary...

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