Channels Monthly Report-Dec

2 min readDec 31, 2021


As we are all excited and counting days to the New Year 2022, the Channels Team are still working hard to deliver, there are lots of progresses we want to share with you.

Channels in December:

Channels in 2022:

Let us embrace the coming new year with the launch of Channels V2!

We have announced the deployment of V2 contracts, it will go live in the first week of 2022! The upgrade seeks to put as much capital as possible to work for investors.

The main driver for the development of Channels V2 is to improve capital efficiency, by adopting leveraged lending, leveraged trading, and implementation of Lending Liquidity Yield Aggregation (LLYA) strategy.

Innovation in DeFi is endless, but there is always a proposition that cannot be circumvented: how to use funds more efficiently. The launch of V2 seeks to make Channels a highly desirable DeFi platform for borrowers. While the protocol itself captures more value, it also injects new vitality into the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Channels V2 is the Ultimate Yield-Lending experience for you!

For more information about Channels V2, please read :

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